The ReScript Association is dedicated to the development and support of the ReScript programming language.

ReScript is a programming language for building complex JavaScript applications and user interfaces. It was designed for professional JavaScript and TypeScript developers, and integrates seamlessly in existing JavaScript projects for gradual adoption.

Goal of ReScript is to provide a viable alternative to gradually typed languages, such as TypeScript. The type system was derived from the OCaml programming language, and refined for JavaScript usage.

It provides one of the fastest compile-to-JS compilation and build toolchain in the JavaScript ecosystem available today.

ReScript is a robustly typed language that compiles to efficient and human-readable JavaScript.

The ReScript Association provides a legal and financial foundation for Open Source related work within the ReScript project. It takes ownership of essential language infrastructure and is responsible for outside communication to industrial ReScript users, partners and donors.

The organization is non-profit oriented. All its work is independently funded by industrial partners / research institutions / individuals, and openly accessible to the public.


The board is responsible for the strategic vision of the Open Source related parts of the ReScript language.

Patrick Ecker

Board Member

Nikolaus Graf

Board Member

Cristiano Calcagno


Our Actions

The ReScript Association is responsible for the rescript-lang.org documentation platform and its server infrastructure.

Individual ReScript Association members are also contributing to the syntax, compiler, IDE support and standard library.

Apart from technical tasks, the ReScript Association is supporting the ReScript core team by organizing community events (conferences / meetups), managing the ReScript brand / marketing assets, creating yearly donor reports, and promoting the ReScript platform.